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Arcade Progress Update #3

August 29, 2018

Okay, first off we feel obligated to apologize for the long spell without providing any word. Even with everything on our plate, we should have been more consistent with our progress reports. It isn't fair to the few people who have eyes on this game, and it was our mistake.

Alright, so that pill’s down. Let's get to the meat:

In this Version:

- Implemented screen shake.

- Implemented Grenade Pickups.

Bug Fixes:

There have been a lot of them, but here's a couple of the main ones that we've nailed down:

- Fixed a game breaker involving body parts crashing the game.
- Fixed a problem with the general accuracy system firing bullets from above and below the barrel by recalculating the angles used to determine a gun's accuracy upon firing.
- Fixed a grip of bugs with the trap grenade.
- Tons of other quality of life bugs, specifically with the movement system. Feels like a dream!

In the Works:

Arcade Mode:

Things to Kill:
- Glith Turret - Opens up to fire three bullets toward the enemy, revealing crit points.
- Flying Dagger - Hovers above the ground. After detecting the player, chases them down using a spin attack. In close range, attacks with a slash. The blade part blocks bullets, shoot the central node.
- Claw Ent - Walks around, jumps up and down mid-sized ledges, and slashes at the player.
- Thwart Root - Large, walks around and slams downward.
- Stone Bull - Charges player, shell takes little damage.
- Assault Rover - Fires side mounted gun at players, drives around.
- Rogue Beamer - Flies around and fires a large laser beam straight downward.
- Cuspate - Small and weak, jumps and dives into player, dealing damage with a spike on its head.
- Needle Crawler - Walks along walls/ceilings/floors a la Metroid. Withdraws into shell and extends spikes when a player is in range. Impervious to damage while withdrawn.

- Alternate Character Palettes

- Region-based Map Generation

- Tilesets and multiple variations for each region

Multiplayer Mode:

- Smoothing out the camera movement


- Foot Traffic Maps (Just For Us, Sorry)


We're working on even more cool stuff, but these are all of the major milestones that we thought worth mentioning. We're also constantly trying to assess our workflow and improve as far as productivity is concerned. As always, please don't hesitate to voice any comments or complaints through our Contact Page, or through the Mayhem ZX Steam Community.

Once again, apologies for the long silence, and thanks for keeping an eye on Mayhem ZX!

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