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Arcade Mode Progress Update #2

April 28, 2018

Hey, everybody! I just thought it would be a good idea to sort of lay out Mayhem ZX's current state of development and give an idea of where we're at, and what you have to look forward to. Let us know through the Contact page if you have any thoughts or questions!


  1. General

    • Movement system reworked.

    • New platforms implemented that allow the player to drop through. Bullets can not pass through the platform. Grenades can, however.

  2. Arcade

    • Framework

      • All zones are in place with placeholder (PH) collision maps.

      • All zones have PH title cards.

      • Random zone order generator is functional.

      • Last zone completed successfully transitions to Cutscene Z.

      • Final Zone successfully transitions to Cutscene X.

      • Cutscene X successfully transitions to Game Loop 2, and so on (GL).

      • Player death via enemy and Game Over screen are functional.

      • Scoring is functional. Higher score is tied to lower health, to encourage dangerous gameplay.

    • Enemies

      • Glith Turret is fully implemented, needs testing.

      • Claw Ent is fully animated, with Collisions/Crit.

      • Flying Blade is fully animated, with Collisions/Crit.

      • Rogue Beamer is fully animated, with Collisions/Crit.

      • Thwart Root has reached the animation process.

      • Rover has reached the animation process.

      • Concepts are flooding in!

  3. Multiplayer

    • The Frost Zone collision map and placeholder artwork are nearly complete.

  4. BONUS!

    • Reworking web-related graphics!

    • Music also constantly in production (and it's sounding killer)!

    • Working on stickers!

As you can see, there are a lot of different nuances to laying the groundwork for a solid arcade game. We're making a lot of headway here, and we hope you stick around to get  glimpse of how these things come to be!

Right now the top task on the list is enemy design. We need to get a good group of baddies fully implemented before we can work on the way they're balanced, and how they'll scale in difficulty the longer the session lasts. As always, we're ready and waiting to hear any suggestions you might have, whether it's a note about gameplay mechanics and balancing, or even if you just have a cool enemy idea!





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