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Mayhem ZX - Platforms!

March 9, 2018

Hey what's going on guys, it's been too long. We are here today to talk about a new (little) feature that we've implemented into the world of Mayhem ZX, platforms! This is a very basic platforming feature that most platform style games have, and in all honesty, I am surprised it took us this long to throw into the game. The player will be able to jump up through the platforms, and well as jump 'off' the platform by holding the down key and jumping. We've also limited the weapons from firing through either way, as that wouldn't be too fair to be the poor sap stuck up on top.



This is also a little tease of the new Arcade Mode we've been hard at work on! Visually, there is nothing implemented as of yet, just some rough place holder graphics to develop the engine with while our artist is hard at work. Hope you liked this short little blog post and we're looking forward to what's next!


ps. Sorry for the terrible GIF quality, we should really get that fixed.




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