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Mayhem ZX - Arcade Phase Two

January 26, 2018


We are happy to announce that the early access price for Mayhem ZX has been lowered from the original amount by one two thirds! This means that it's the best time to get involved in the development of a fun, chaotic arcade game!

First of all, the price has been lowered from the original amount for several reasons, most importantly due to the lack of content, most especially a solid single player experience. Other reasons would be bringing in more players to provide valuable feedback to the developers, and in order to better fund the development itself. The price will remain at the lower amount until more notable content is added. With each major addition, the price will increment upward, so get in on the mayhem as soon as you can! The price increases will not include things like bug fixes, obviously, strictly new features and content. The price will not exceed what we have already decided as the launch price, either.


(And now for the fun part...)

The price was initially lowered to the current amount as we started Phase One of the solo arcade game flow, which was implementing the bare bone placeholder graphics for the intro cutscene, as well as the dynamic text engine to be used throughout the game.


Well, we're glad to report that Phase One is complete, and now we're into the most exciting Phase Two - Environment and Enemy Design!


This is where you, the exceptionally creative person, come in. We are challenging you to come up with a powerful, dynamic opponent for our fighters to face as they drift from zone to zone!


We've set up a broad submission form on our website here.

This is your chance to be as creative and expressive as you can muster! The zonez of Mayhem ZX are teeming with deadly wildlife, demonic powers, cold killer robots, and all manner of things. This is basically when all worlds collide, so don't worry about being strictly bound to the game's universe - it's completely wide open!
Just be sure to include what you think is important in the enemy, whether it's aesthetic, it's movement style or attack style.


If you have images and artwork to go along with your pitch, please send them to numbthumbstudios@yahoo.com with "Enemy Design: Enemy's Name" in the subject line, and feel free to post them publicly in the Mayhem ZX Steam Community Hub!


We will select an undetermined number of entries to be fully fleshed out, animated, and implemented into the deathscape of Mayhem ZX! We at Numb Thumb are looking forward to what you all can come up with!

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