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Update ver. 1.03

December 18, 2017

Added content:


  • New Grenade: The Seed is now available as equipment! Aim true to sap health from your enemies!

  • New Mode: Training Zone is now accessible! This is basically a sandbox meant for testing damage output at this point. Also useful for bug hunting!

  • Fully redesigned text elements, and animated menus! Ain't that just purty?



  • Subtle balancing on the background music. This is an ongoing process.


Known issues:

  • Sound levels.

  • Bow collision issues.


Please let us know of any issues you run into while playing by using the Contact Form or by posting them on the Steam Community Hub and they will be addressed as soon as possible!



After this update, we'll be drafting and prototyping the elements that will ultimately become the Solo Arcade game aspect to Mayhem ZX! This means fully functional enemies and bosses, dialog and semi-animated movie sequences, and a lot more thrown in for good measure! So please, keep playing Mayhem ZX, and help us ensure a positive and memorable experience by approaching us with any bugs, issues or complaints!

Thanks as always, now get on with the MAYHEM!

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