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Prepare for Mayhem! - Update #1.03 On the Way and Gearing Up for Arcade Mode!

December 5, 2017

Greetings, players! We know it's been a minute since we've updated or been very active, but we assure you that development of Mayhem ZX is forging onward! We have a couple things in the works for the next update, and they're just about ready! After this next update, we'll be gearing up for a full on linear arcade mode, which will feature at least 12 stages, a host deadly enemy minions, and four boss fights leading up to the showdown with the master of the Great Meteor, Margamoth Jaldabaoth! This new arcade mode will be accompanied by a grip of new features as well, including a set of unique abilities for each fighter.

The plan is to post the update and make it available by Sunday, the 17th of December, however the team is going through some life changes that may cause a delay. Our programmer, Josh, is at a pivot point in his career, finally moving from food service to an actual programming job (congratulations, Josh!).

What will be included:


Solo game mode, where you can switch between fighters, weapons and grenades on the fly, test your damage output against a group of training dummies, and spawn portals that will drop weapon crates, health crates and barrels.

All text in the game is being redone with custom typefaces and improved colors to better reflect the style of Mayhem ZX. The controls overview screen has also been redesigned to be more intuitive and easier to reference.

So plan for the update on Sunday the 17th, and we'll update here and on the Mayhem ZX Steam Community Hub should anything throw a wrench in the works. And remember, after this update Josh and I will be buckling down on the arcade campaign, so there's plenty to look forward to from Numb Thumb Studios!

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