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Let There Be Mayhem

October 18, 2017


Hello, players! First things first, we'd like to thank Valve and the community for the opportunity to be working our game in early access. We're finally here, we know what Mayhem ZX is, and we're excited to see what the players in the Steam Community can help it become. This announcement is simply an introduction to the game, and will serve as an overview of our current plans for developing new features and content that will make the game complete.

So far we're starting with ten playable characters, eight weapons and six grenades. We have designs and assets ready for two new characters, four new weapons, and at least four more grenades. As we approach each update, we'll be posting voting polls here on Steam, so that you in the community can help us determine what should be first priority in the update, so keep an eye out for the polls and influence the course that Mayhem ZX takes!

Mayhem ZX also features a multiplayer free-for-all battle mode with four existing arenas to play on. The artwork for these "Zones" require more time than any other visual asset in this project, so as new Zones are added to the game, you'll be able to play them without any artwork while our artist puts it all together. (Pro-tip: have an idea for a cool level design or visual theme? Post it in the Community Hub!)

The music currently used in Mayhem ZX is all retro-style digital music, composed in-house, mostly to fill the silence. We've been hard at work on a robust soundtrack featuring live instruments that will better set the mood for the chaos. Aside from the arena designs, the sound design will likely take the most time out of any feature to be added.

As of now, Mayhem ZX is mainly focused on local four-player versus matches, with a target practice mode for solo players (with leaderboards!). The least of our plans is to implement a full-fledged single-player arcade mode, featuring enemy AI, more traps and arena-specific hazards, and yes, boss battles! An announcement will be posted here in the Community Hub as the time approaches to develop the single-player campaign. For now, we're counting on the players to bring any gameplay issues to our attention, so that we can make the core of the game as polished as possible before expanding it in such a big way. We're also developing multiple "mini-games" to be implemented in the near future. These mini-games will be playable in single-player as well as multiplayer modes.

And so there you have it, our current plans for further developing Mayhem ZX! Keep in mind, these are simply the features that we KNOW will be added to Mayhem ZX. At this point the potential for this game is wide open, so we're not ruling anything out. If you have any suggestions or ideas, post them in the Steam Community Hub and we'll gladly take them into consideration!

Thanks again for the opportunity, players! And remember, watch out for the polls and help influence the future of Mayhem ZX!

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