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Mayhem ZX Update: Version 1.01

November 8, 2017


Added content:

  • New Fighter: Forest Lee has pulled up his roots to join the mayhem!


  • New Weapon: Bow - Fire repeatedly and fill your opponents with arrows, or draw your string tight and send forth a focused, fatal strike.

  • New Stage: Target Practice Level 02

Graphics updates:

  • Progress on the Sky Zone.

  • Various text improvements.

  • Laid out structure for animated menus.

  • Altered depth of Flamer's fire balls to show more of the characters.


  • Lowered Flamer damage against targets.

  • Lowered Flamer fire ball speed and distance, to improve visuals as well as to balance against other weapons.

  • Sped up Blades strike speed.


  • Fixed Shock Barrel suicide giving a kill and not counting suicides.

  • Fixed Shotgun only registering collision for one bullet when shooting a Crate.

We've already begun working on some new features and content for the next update! These updates will be made regularly, however small.

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