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MAYHEM ZX - Overview

September 2, 2017

Hey guys! In this dev-blog, I want to give you a quick overview of one of the titles we've been hard at work on, Mayhem ZX.


"SMASH and BLAST your way through your enemies in this excitingly fast paced Multiplayer Run-N-Gun Action Platformer! With a full 360 Degree Firing Radius you'll be able to Run, Skid, Slide and Wall Jump around the environment all while OBLITERATING the competition!"




The game is a hybrid physics based twin stick shooter/side scrollin' action platformer. Fast paced, chaotic spray n pray, blood rushing intensity is the goal! Our initial platform is targeted for the PC users and will be available on the Steam Marketplace thanks to our publisher, Black Shell Media. There will be a Single Player game mode, which we are calling "Target Practice" that will have a global leader board of essentially who can take out the targets the quickest. We want to eventually add an Arcade mode of sorts as well, but that is a task we're saving for later. Also included will be a Multi Player game mode where up to 4 players can battle head to head with custom game settings of their choice.  





The game (as of 09-01-2017) will consist of 12 unique characters. No one character is necessarily better than any other, but rather intended to be used according to the play style of the user. Each weapon you use will vary in stats as well when deciding on your character, so pay attention to the details.





We've been working very hard to add a healthy balance of weapons, without overdoing it. As with the characters, there will also be 12 unique weapons, from shotguns to flamethrowers and snipers to bow and arrows! Keep in mind though that just because a weapon seems worthless with a certain character, it could be the bees knees with a different character. Each weapons stats are determined by the character wielding the weapon!








Huckin' a grenade across the stage and killing an enemy is a great feeling. That's why we've implemented 6 unique grenade types ranging from Sticky Grenades to Trap Grenades with plenty in between. There's talk around the water cooler about implementing up to 6 additional grenade types, so stay tuned!








The plan as of (09-01-2017)  is 4 unique stages that feel extremely different from each other. From teleporting and launchpads to altered gravity and time, each stage should almost feel as if your playing an entirely different game.







There is a TON a features we want to eventually add, but we are also trying to make the jump from Game Maker: Studio into Unity3D so we might wait it out for the second installment of Mayhem ZX.




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