Welcome to the official Press Page for Mayhem ZX, a new indie game available through Steam Early Access.  The aim of this page is to provide anything you would need for posting articles or covering Mayhem ZX, or just to get more familiar with the project. If you require any additional information, please contact us via this website's

Game Description

As the world is thrown into a frenzy at the approach of an enormous meteor, battle-hardened warriors from across the earth race to the blast zone seeking to claim the ancient power held within.

Take control over a select few fighters and find out who has what it takes to survive and rise to power! Mayhem ZX has combined the retro Aesthetics and modern Twin Stick Shooter genre into an awesome and unpredictable Chaotic Couch Brawler. The focus is on local multiplayer gameplay, where the entire objective is to slay the other players within a time-limited match.
Mayhem ZX is still a newborn, and many plans are being made for developing it into something exciting, competitive, and fun.

Key Features
  • Smooth, Responsive Movement Controls

  • Full 360-Degree Aiming Radius

  • 10 Playable Characters

  • 8 Weapons

  • 6 Grenades

  • 4 Arenas

  • Deadly Stage Hazards

  • Random Pickups

  • End-Game Statistics

  • Target Practice Mode with Steam Leaderboards

    Planned Features:

  • Solo Arcade Mode with Enemy AI

  • More Characters, Weapons

  • Mini-Games with Steam leaderboards

Fact Sheet
  • Developer: Numb Thumb Studios; Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Release Date: October 18th, 2017 (Windows/Steam)

  • Platforms: PC

  • Price: USD 1.99

  • Availability: Digital Download (Steam)

  • Language: English

  • File Size: ~103MB

  • Press Contact: numbthumbstudios@yahoo.com

  • Social:


Josh Jackson

- Programming

Justin JONES

- Art

John Smithey

- Music