As the world is thrown into a frenzy at the approach of an enormous meteor, battle-hardened warriors from across the earth race to the blast zone seeking to claim the ancient power held within. Take control over a select few fighters and find out which side has what it takes to survive and rise to power! Mayhem ZX has combined the retro Aesthetics and modern Twin Stick Shooter genre into an awesome and unpredictable Chaotic Couch Brawler. This is the kind of game that you're gonna want to be sitting next to your comrades when you suddenly remove their heads from their bodies!

Mayhem ZX is aimed at bringing friends together again, in the same room on the same couch and pass the controller back and forth as they dominate each other. We grew up in an age where this was how we "Hung Out" with each other, and with how many games are Online Only nowadays we would like to bring this genre that stole our youths back to the present!

Mayhem ZX on Steam Early Access

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