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Name: General Flatulon
Motive: Save the world
Bio: Flatulon is the last of a tight-knit regiment of elite soldiers tasked with scouting the earth's dilapidated landscape and eliminating threats to the general populace. After the Great Meteor landed on Earth, Flatulon's entire army was eliminated by the fierce ethereal creatures which poured from within the Meteor. With the hopes of restoring his army to its former glory, Flatulon took on an abandoned child named Evie as his protege.

Name: Chromitron ZX-22
Motive: Rule the world
Bio: Formerly a leading academic in the field of cybernetic bio-enhancement, Dr. Zxzodia was once respected for his incredible intelligence and calm demeanor. Things changed, however, after he inadvertently sent his son through a worm-hole which may or may not have led to a dimension of flesh-eating robots. Wrought with grief and regret, he sought a way to reclaim his only family, outfitting his formerly human body with more and more enhancements. With only his fleshy brain remaining, ZX-22 had completely forgotten about his son, and now only seeks ultimate power.

Name: Sergeant Evie
Motive: Kill Chromitron ZX-22
Bio: Young Evie was a quiet child, and her constant death stare alienated her friends and family. As the Great Meteor made its approach, her entire village was ripped to pieces before her innocent eyes, attacked by a troupe of deadly androids sent by Chromitron ZX-22. From that point forward, she vowed to find the cyborg responsible and tear him apart, piece by piece, until all that remains is his spongy brain beneath her boot heel.

Name: Rockjaw Bob
Motive: Kill everything, go back to bed
Bio: Rockjaw Bob is an ancient subterranean warlord who holds sway over all the stones of the earth. Millenia after defeating his rival, Steeltoe Steve, Bob still sleeps deep beneath the earth. His rest didn't last, however. The impact of the Great Meteor and the chaos that it brought with it were enough to jar Bob from his slumber. Now, armed with his trusty shotgun and an army of stone warriors, Bob moves out to slay absolutely everything walking on the earth, so he can finally get some much needed sleep.

Name: Don Zamboni
Motive: Get back on top
Bio: Don Zamboni used to be on top. The champagne flowed, the parties went on for days, and he had respect. But after his closest partner put a slug in his back and left him for dead, Zamboni lost everything that he had. As he laid bleeding in some field in the middle of nowhere, the Great Meteor soared above, mere feet from flattening him out like a panini. It wasn't close enough to kill him, but it was close enough to charge Zamboni's body with incredible electrical force. Reborn and badder than ever, Zamboni seeks the Meteor's blast zone with one goal in mind: get back on top.

Name: King Grotesk
Motive: BURN
Bio: Twisting in the dark, racing through the minds of men, the spirit of death has subsisted on dark thoughts of hatred and greed for as long as the earth has been spinning. Kingdoms and empires had risen and fallen at its whim, and stills its hunger had yet to be satisfied. When the Great Meteor fell, the giant stone's latent power brought form to the spirit of death. King Grotesk was made manifest in the physical realm, wishing only to burn everything in this world, before moving on to the next.

Name: Canus Dread
Motive: Defend the tribe

Name: Alto Cabaret
Motive: Prove the power of imagination!

Name: Black Arrow Agape