Indie Project Management

Experience the power of dynamic indie dev mastery with Dev Sesh

About Dev Sesh

Introducing Dev Sesh, your ultimate companion in the world of indie development. Seamlessly manage your projects, sessions, and tasks with intuitive precision. Watch your ideas come to life. Dev Sesh goes beyond the ordinary — generate polished PDF reports of your work effortlessly and set your hourly rate to ensure you're always in control of your valuable time. Conquer your development journey with Dev Sesh.


Key Features

Effortless Project Management

Organize and manage your projects seamlessly with intuitive tools and interfaces.

Dynamic Session Management

Break down your work into focused sessions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Flexible Task Creation

Input tasks on the fly during active sessions, enabling you to adapt and prioritize as you work.

Polished PDF Reports

Generate sleek and professional PDF reports of your work, perfect for sharing progress with clients or colleagues.

Hourly Rate Tracking

Set and track your hourly rates to ensure efficient time management and billing for your projects.

Custom Color Profiles

Tailor the app's interface to your preferences and workflow to make Dev Sesh feel uniquely yours.

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